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PowerLift Your Career - Everything You Need to Succeed

You'll get immediate access to download the PowerLift Your Career bundle that gives you everything you need to succeed. An easy to follow step by step  guide that shows you how to attract into your life  the things that matter the most to you. This success system is built on proven methods and techniques used by the most innovative successful men and women throughout history.  

PowerLift Your Career Includes:

  • PowerLift Your Career Instruction Manual
  • PowerLift Your Career Audio EditionElement
  • PowerLift Your Career Digital EBook
  • Follow up email campaign
  • Monthly Conference Call with Author Ife Thomas

PowerLift Your Career Paper Back:

If you're the type of person who likes to be in full control of your future but who feels that something is missing and that life is more than working to live and living to work, then you're gonna love this. An instruction manual that takes away all the guess work. I learned that there's a correlation between the thoughts we think and things that we do. Each chapter will show you exactly how to change your thinking so that you can thrive in your career, business and life. Write down your notes, complete the exercises and force the universe to attract  into your life whatever you want.

PowerLift Your Career Audiobook:

An audio transcription by Author Ife Thomas narrating the contents. Download the MP3 and listen on your favourite device, while you're in the car, on your way to work, doing the school run or even while you workout at the gym. The audiobook is perfect for people who are slow readers or who don't have time to sit down and read a book. 

You can replay parts over to help information retention and the best thing is that you can get through it in under FOUR hours. Stick in your earphones in and get instant motivation. Block out the world and get on a positive vibe by learning new information that will make you feel better and be better. 

PowerLift Your Career Ebook:

Instant Digital Download to your favourite device. Start reading in minutes take it with you wherever you go without taking up additional space in your bag. If you already spend a lot of time in front of your computer you can easily switch between screens and read a few paragraphs of your Ebook.  If you prefer a larger font you can pinch and pull or zoom in to the most comfortable text size.



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